When nerves in canals are damaged and inflamed, they die due to their lack of ability to heal themselves. Pulp (nerve) death develops mostly in a broken tooth or due to deep decay. In both cases, bacteria reach the pulp and kanal teda2cause an inflammation. In such a case chewing, pressure or stimuli like hot–cold may cause hypersensitivity and pain. Besides, pulp inflammation may cause pain which start spontaneously and cannot be removed with painkillers.

Medicines -particularly antibiotics- which you take without the knowledge of your dentist can only temporarily postpone your pain. Antibiotics used for a long time make inflammation more resistant and complicate the treatment of teeth. If pulp inflammation is not treated, ”pus-filled sacs” named abscess occur as a result of the accumulation of inflammation in root apex and in jaw bone. Abscess formed in the root apex can expand and cause destruction of the bone tissue surrounding the roots. When inflamed pulp is not removed, pain and swellingoccur. If treatment is not applied for a long time tooth extraction may be needed.

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