Dental Implants

implant1 Our   teeth   are   one   of   the   most   important   parts   of   our   body   in   terms   of   esthetics   andfragmentation of food that we eat. Having a few alternatives to replace the extracted teeth forany reason is a good opportunity for us.

Implant is comprised of titanium screws placed into the jaw bone and operations performedthereon with the  purpose  of   esthetics and recovering   chewing  function as  well   as   basictreatment of teeth. These operations all together are called “dental implant”.

Implants used in dentistry vary according to shape and the purpose of the treatment. Knowingwhich implants to use in which cases is a matter of good medicine.

Doctor should evaluate the excess bone and distance to the anatomical spaces before andduring operation and present the patient what should be done and in which manner it shouldbe done including other alternative methods.

Mark Asya is in an effort  to   provide   the best quality service to patients by prioritizingspecialist physicians and patient satisfaction.

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