Bleaching is the removal operation of the discoloration on the dental structure (tooth enamel and dentine).Factors for Teeth Discoloration

Environmental Factors: Lack of teeth brushing, chromogens due to dieting, bacterial plaque on tooth surface, teeth’s exposure to traumata, coloring nutrition such as tea, coffee, and red wine.byazlrma

Genetic Factors: Dark-colored teeth due to genetic factors, antibiotics taken during childhood, amylogenesis imperfection, dentinogenesis imperfection, dental tissue diseases such as fluorosis Previous Odontotheraphies : Root canal treatments and discoloration due to dental amalgamstopping.

Vocational Factors: Exposure to metallic salts.

Medical Diagnosis Methods

Before the bleaching (teeth whitening) operation, there should not be any caries,beyazlatmaaa gingival recession, gingivitis, or corrosion on the teeth to be whitened. In such cases, first, all of the necessary treatments are applied, and then the bleaching operation starts. Before the bleachingoperation, the reason of discoloration should be identified. Type of bleaching operation is chosen according to the reason of discoloration.


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